Sunday, September 16, 2007

Catholics DO NOT Believe

Just a refresher, it would seem that some Catholics out there are a bit confused on what we believe.

That the Pope is God and can do no wrong;
That anybody or anything may be
worshipped or adored besides the True God;
That the Blessed Virgin is equal to God;
That images may be worshipped;
That indulgences give permission to
commit sin;
That a Mass can be bought;
That forgiveness of sin can be bought;
That sin can be forgiven without true sorrow;
That scapulars, medals, crucifixes, and
other sacramentals can give graces without
proper dispositions on the part of the user;
That non-Catholics will all be damned;
That all Catholics will go to heaven;
That the Bible is the only rule of faith;
That anybody may interpret the Bible;
That Our Lord Jesus Christ established many Churches;
That outward piety is profitable without charity of the spirit;
That all religions are the same

And just in case some of you Catholics out there forgot...

Non-Catholic denominations claim that they did not begin new churches, but merely "reformed" the old one. In answer we ask, Did the True Church exist at the time of the founding of these new churches, or not?
If it did not, then Christ's promise to be with His Church always had failed; His Church had died, and no human reform could possibly have resurrected it. If it did exist, then those who invented new doctrines were not reforming it, but founding new churches.

What is the Church? --The Church is the congregation of all baptized persons united in the same true faith, the same sacrifice, and the same sacraments, under the authority of the Sovereign Pontiff and the bishops in communion with him.

Are not all religions the same? --No for truth and error are not the same; faith and unbelief are not the same.

How can we prove that the only true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church? --We can prove that the only true Church of Christ is the Catholic Church, because:

1. Only the Catholic Church possesses the marks of the Church established by Christ; that is, Unity, holiness, catholicity, and apostolicity. (See Chapter 73 on The Gates of Hell)
As a matter of fact, only the Catholic Church claims to have all these four marks of the True Church, the marks so evidently set by Christ.

2.The history of the Catholic Church gives evidence of miraculous strength, permanence, and unchangeableness, so showing the world that it is under the special protection of God. The Catholic Church has proved itself indestructible for almost two thousand years, against every variety and number of formidable enemies. The Church suffered from persecution and outside attacks, and from schism and heresy within its own ranks, yet still lives.

In spite of corruption and persecution, in spite of the combined forces of error and evil, the Catholic Church has continued to live and to carry out its purpose, as its Founder promised. The indestructibility of the Church, as has been proved by history, is alone enough to mark it as divine. God alone could have preserved it so long. The Church is the only institution which has proved itself an exception to the law of decay and death. It has watched the birth and decay of every government on earth for almost 2000 years. After every attack against it, it rises, the Bride of Christ, ever fresh and fair.

(taken from; All teachings on this page are from: MY CATHOLIC FAITH: A Manual Of Religion

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Rebecca said...

Whew! Your subject line scared me for a minute... "Catholics DO NOT Believe"! I was all like, yes, we do! We believe, man!

Then I realized where you were going with it, and felt really silly.

Anyway, good post! :)