Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm still here!
Wow what a busy few weeks we have had. First of all the children started sports and we have been helping coach. Chandler and Madilyn have started T-ball. It is so fun to watch. Chandler can't stand still on the field. He is running around chasing butterflies and his friends. While Maddie on the other hand just quietly stands there not yet confident enough to chase the ball. Fortunately they both are having a blast with it! Victoria has started track )just like her mother :o) . I knew her long legs would come in handy. She seems to be quite the natural at it. It's exciting watching her do something I was so fond of .
All of my wonderful husband's hard work has paid off. He got a promotion!! He is now an E-7 Sgt 1st Class. With this promotion comes some more exciting news. We are moving. After talking long and hard about how important family is Rodney decided we needed to be closer to our family so, he put in for a transfer to my hometown and got it! I am so excited. I will be living closer to my mom and dad. I am sorry I haven't been a good blogger these last few weeks, I will try to do better. Nite!

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SingForHim said...

Missed you!!